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Moving on to All About Spelling Level 1, Step 2!!!

Yeah! Jenna (35m) is ready to move on to All About Spelling Level 1, step 2! (The “y” and “qu” are not checked off yet, but I’m giving that a pass.) Honestly, this would be ten times easier if Jenna was almost 4 instead of almost 3, but it is still very much doable.

It is really hard as a parent not to compare your kids, but when my son Bruce was this age he was already reading simple consonant-vowel-consonant words. Jenna is just not there yet. She can do other things at two and a half that Bruce couldn’t however, like work on complex puzzles and kick her daddy’s behind at the Memory Game.

Jenna has also become a spontaneous rapper and rhymes words all of the time. As a teacher, I know that this means that her phonemic awareness skills are really high for her age. Phonemic awareness is the precursor to learning to read. It includes things like rhyming and being able to say “ball starts with buh”. She is also really strong with all of her upper case, and lower case sounds. All I need to do know is keep doing what I’m doing, and….wait. Ugh! Waiting is the hard part!!!

If I was new at this “teaching kids to read thing”, or if Jenna was my first born and I was on a rampant buying spree, I think I would purchase All About Reading right about now. If it is anything like All About Spelling, then I am sure it is awesome. If you want a program that is going to hold your hand the whole way through teaching your kids how to read, AAR would be it.  If you want a road-map of free things to try, then check out my Where to Start Page.

But I’m not new at teaching kids how to read. I do know what I’m doing. I just need to be patient with my own child. That of course, is easier said than done. 😉

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