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Please Lord, help me at dinner!

Right now I’m reading Wendy Mogel’s The Blessing of a Skinned Knee, which is excellent. In addition to a bunch of other sage advice, she talks about the importance of having a nice family dinner at least once a week. Since she is writing a book of Jewish wisdom for parents, Dr. Mogel is talking about Shabbat. My own family is soooooooo far from lighting candles, saying blessings, and baking homemade bread that I can hardly tell you. 

Just getting my family to eat together at a regular dinner is a challenge for me. Like most families these days we are super busy. My kids are hungry at 4:30, my husband gets home from work around 6:30, and oh yeah, I have a major gluten sensitivity. That’s why I was excited to see on Simple Mom a link to a website called Natural Health at Home’s Whole Food Meal Plans. I haven’t spent any money yet, but I have downloaded the free trial week.

The weekly plan has five dinners, a weekend project, and two snacks built in. There is also a detailed shopping list that annotates which items you can purchase at Trader Joes. The other “weirder” ingredients like coconut flour can be ordered online or bought at P.C.C. or Whole Foods.

I did a major grocery shopping trip today which included all of the ingredients, plus stuff like shampoo, vitamins, watermelon and gum. My total cost was $190 for everything. Your total price could be a lot cheaper if you didn’t buy organic. Natural Health at Home also has an alternate Gluten Free/Dairy Free menu, so that could definitely be worth checking out if you are on a GF/CF diet.

Jenna helped me make the chocolate chip cookies this afternoon and I was pretty nervous because the batter looked bizarre.

The cookies themselves looked even stranger, but yowzer! They are so yummy! This recipe’s a keeper.

Twenty-five minutes before our dinner of Copper River salmon, sautéed greens and quinoa hit the table, I was sound asleep on the couch while my kids jumped on me and watched Martha Speaks. (Day 1 was supposed to be rice, but I messed up.) It was all delicious, but as you might imagine my children mainly ate the blueberries and chocolate milk. That’s par for the course around here.

Tomorrow night we have soup and zucchini muffins on the menu. Sunday night, it’s a traditional roasted chicken dinner. Maybe we will even get out a table cloth and light a few candles.   I’m Methodist and not Jewish Dr. Mogel, but I’m trying.  🙂


  1. Jen Arrow says:

    We just did the gluten-free chickpeas-and-spinach (with plates and napkins and formality!) and it was fantastic:



  2. Fairy Tale Mama says:

    I didn’t know you were GF! We were for a while here (my husband is gluten sensitive, but refuses to give it up permanently) and I found that 1000 Gluten Free Recipes by Carol Lee Fenster is a great resource. I have made many recipes from that book and have had lots of success. My faves are the pancakes and the chocolate peanut butter cookies from that book. I’m slowing getting back to blogging (been so busy with my daughter’s school) and I’m hoping to get back to the WTM forum soon! 🙂

    • jenbrdsly says:

      I’ll have to get that book. I realized that I was gluten sensitive last Thanksgiving. If I think too hard wondering why I suddenly became gluten intolerant in my 30s, I’ll start to go crazy. It’s really bizarre.

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