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When Painters Come to Your House

This is what our house looks like at present.  We have this crazy wallpaper removal and wall repair project going on right now, and it’s been rough keeping my kids safe and out of the way.

There’s been between one and four painters here working hard every single day all week, and they won’t be finished until next Friday.  We are so lucky that the insurance is paying for half of this, because as it is the only summer vacation our family will now be taking is going to involve tents.

I didn’t even include a picture of the worst part of all of this, which is that all of my grandmothers’ china and crystal is spread out in my kitchen, because they had to move the china cabinet.  It’s only a matter of time before something breaks.

Coincidentally, Jenna(2.5) and I happened to check out The Great Gracie Chase: Stop that Dog! by Cynthia Rylant from the library.  It is a story about a dog named Gracie who gets frightened and annoyed when painters come to her house!  I wish I could say that I planned this, but I didn’t.  It was just a lucky day at the library.  So if you ever have workmen come to your house, keep this book in mind.

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