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Scissors and Kids

I’m still practicing my relaxation breathing, because I just spent the past forty minutes helping Jeanna(2.5) learn to use scissors. This is the third time this week that she has practiced, and she LOVES it. Me? Not so much. 🙂

I almost had a major oops our first day when I didn’t know enough to put Jenna’s hair in a ponytail first. When Jenna looked down to cut out her first page, she almost gave herself an impromptu haircut.  That was never an issue with her brother Bruce!

It took me until day two to realize that Jenna moves her mouth up and down like she’s chewing gum every time she works the scissors. There must be some sort of brain connection in there that hasn’t matured yet.

We have been using an old I Can Cut book from when Bruce was little, but at this point Jenna is just butchering it. She’s just as happy to cut up our latest Zoo membership magazine. I’ll happy when I can someday trust her not to cut her own hair.  The stress is worth it though, because I know this is an important skill for my soon to be preschooler to learn.


  1. Cindy says:

    LOL! M is obsessed with scissors right now. We just had the talk about not ever cutting our own hair for the umpteenth time tonight. 🙂

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