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A Very V Vacuum

Here’s a fun activity to do with your 2, 3, or 4 year old that is free, builds fine motor skills, and works on phonics all at the same time. Draw a letter V on a piece of paper. Then have your child cover the V with old stickers that have been floating around your house for a while.

When you are finished, tape the V to your vacuum. Don’t forget to make a lot of “Vroom-Vroom” sounds; the more histrionics the better. Very Pretty!  Very loud!  Vroooooooooom!

You could do this type of activity with any letter your child is currently working on. I chose the letter V because it’s one of the letters Jenna(2.5) still needs to check off her chart for All About Spelling Level 1, Step one.

This is what her chart looks like right now at 34 months. AAS has children learn multiple sounds for certain letters like A, E, I, O, U, Y, S etc. so that’s why it’s taking Jenna a while to complete the chart. By Leap Frog standards, she has known all of her letters and sounds for a while. If this chart was in upper case, and I was just asking for one sound per letter, it would have been completed months ago.

Another problem with our progress is that I’ve been a total slacker. We haven’t done our four cards a day in weeks! So, to help Jenna finish off these last sounds, I’m going to concentrate on one letter every few days. At least that’s the plan. 😉

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