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Money Savvy Pig

My son’s teacher is totally amazing!!! She somehow gathered the funds to bring the Money Savvy Kids curriculum to Bruce’s first grade classroom. They are doing level C which involves 6 hours of instruction covering everything from the history of money, to investing. At the end of the unit, each kid will take home a Money Savvy Pig.  The MSP is different that an ordinary piggy bank because it has four slots for saving, spending, donating and investing.

I had given Bruce his own Money Savvy Pig for Christmas a couple of years ago, and it has seen some hard use. I also gave pigs to each of my nieces and nephews. I love the idea of teaching kids to really think about money starting from an early age.

I’m trying to support the learning experience at home by sharing with Bruce some limited details about how our own family spends money each week. To do this, I’m making a chart in the kitchen about the cash I have in my wallet each week, and where it goes. To a kid, $300 sounds like a lot of money, but a chart like this shows how quickly that number dwindles. There’s still a co-pay at the doctor’s office to pay for in the next few days, and Mother’s day presents to purchase.

Another way I’m trying to support the Money Savvy unit at home is by checking out Betty Maestro’s The Story of Money from the library. I found Bruce reading it at the breakfast table this morning, but haven’t had the chance to discuss it with him yet.

Jenna(2.5) is  too young for serious lessons about money yet, but I am trying to lay tracks for understanding later on. Every time we go to the ATM machine together, I tell her over and over again that Mommy and Daddy put money into the ATM a while ago. The machine doesn’t just give you free money; it is giving us our money back. Hopefully that makes cents. 😉

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