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The Adventures of Martin Luther by Carolyn Bergt

I don’t think it matters what faith your family comes from, teaching your children about the Reformation at some point, is a must. The Reformation and Counter-Reformation were historical events that rewrote the way our world was written. They are also the embodiment of the teaching objectives from my SLE Inspired Reading List Part Two.

Learning Goals for Children:

  • We are all capable of thinking our own thoughts and forming our own ideas. We do not need to be slaves to the thinking of others.
  • We are responsible for our own actions, and are accountable for our actions to our own conscious, our families, and our community. Many people in the world believe we are also accountable to God.

Okay, so here’s my big problem. I wanted Bruce(6.5) to learn about Martin Luther as a historical figure, but I also wanted my son to do his own thinking, and come to his own conclusions. The trouble was, I couldn’t find any children books about Martin Luther that were neutral in tone. Our first pick, Martin Luther A Man Who Changed the World by Paul L. Maier, was offensive to Catholics.

Our second pick, The Adventures of Martin Luther by Carolyn Bergt, was slightly more neutral in tone, but written in a ridiculous sing-song manner that I found annoying. Another fault of The Adventures of Martin Luther is that it is only 15 pages long. The pictures are nice, but this is really more of a booklet than a book.

If I was a Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or Atheist, I don’t know what I would think about either of these children books about Martin Luther. Since I’m Methodist, I’m okay with my kids reading about Martin Luther from a heavy-handed Protestant point of view. What I’m not okay with, is bad poetry.

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