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Wallpaper is Driving me CRAZY!

Okay, so this post has absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with early childhood at-home education, but since I’m pretty sure that anyone with young children can commiserate with me on the constant battle of wanting your home to look nice, and then having it destroyed on a daily basis, I’ll go ahead and share.

My troubles began a couple of months ago with this clock…

It belonged to my grandfather who died when I was nine. If you open up the clock’s door, you’ll see my grandpa’s name and birthday engraved.  He was the best possible grandfather anyone could have ever wished for.

Well, the problem is that my grandma was downsizing, and nobody in my family wanted Grandpa’s clock. I couldn’t bear the thought of nobody taking it, so even though it is pretty fancy to have around the two tornados I call my children; I said “Please give it to me.” I also ended up receiving my grandma’s china cabinet, china and a few other things that nobody but sentimental-I would claim. Then, when the mover delivered everything, this happened:

The dummy doorknob on my second front door bashed into the wall, right through the wallpaper! The problem is, the wallpaper is thirty years old, I don’t have any extra rolls, and it covers my entire tw0-story entryway. (I have a house from the early 1980s, and it is totally rad.)

Grandpa must have kicked this one out of heaven for me, because now the movers are going to pay to repair the wall, and repaper the entire entry/stairwell/hall…to the tune of almost $6,000! 

Great, right? But now the dining-room wallpaper is going to look even worse! It’s going to look like Mrs. Keaton from Family Ties and some people from Ikea got together to decorate a home.

Plus, I have to figure out which replacement wall paper to pick, and that is really stressing me out. I’ve taped some samples to the wall and am trying to man-handle them like a two-year-old would every time I walk up the stairs. I need to think: durable. 

I had been thinking about extending the neutral wall paper into the dining room and doing one really cool accent wall behind the china cabinet. It’s a small enough wall that I could repaper it myself in ten years when styles change. But now that I’ve found out that the entryway area alone is going to be $6,000 (which I don’t have to pay, thank goodness) I’m really afraid to find out about the dining room.

“Paint it instead!” you say? I’d have to pay to have the walls textured first. Then, I’d still have to pay to have the walls painted because I don’t want my husband spending two weekends climbing up on a gigantic ladder.

This all seems like a lot of work and worry over walls that my daughter is going to scribble on the first time somebody leaves crayons out.

I welcome your suggestions!


  1. Jen says:


  2. jengod says:

    This is awesome! Weren’t you saying a few months back that the ugly wallpaper had to stay so you could save for college? Grandpa was TOTALLY looking out for you!

    I know zero about wallpaper. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser supposedly removes crayon though. GOOD LUCK!

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