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I Read/You Read Challenge

Guided Reading is arguably the most important of all three types of reading. When you and your child read the same book together simultaneously, and then discuss what you have read, you can help your child learn new vocabulary, reading comprehension strategies, and the begins of literary interpretation. Guided Reading is so much more than just Independent Reading or Read Aloud, and yet it can be darn near impossible to fit into your Afterschooling schedule.

It is a lot easier for me as a mom to do meaningful Guided Reading activities with Bruce(7) over the summer.  During the regular school year, it is much more of a struggle. One way I’m trying to keep the ball rolling is by utilizing our “I Read/You Read Challenge” box. The way it works is simple; when Bruce finishes a book he drops it in the box and then I read it too so we can talk about it.

In theory, the box is also supposed to work in reverse, with Bruce reading books I put in there as well. I say in theory because between trying to read everything Bruce has read, keep up the newspaper, and read the occasional Booksneeze book, I haven’t actually added anything to the box for a while. But if I was staying up late to read fifth grade chapter books instead of blog, I’d be able to stretch Bruce’s repertoire of interests by adding new titles to the box. That’s the deal.

It would be even better if I kept a stack of post-its in the box, so that we could write little notes to each other as we read. At the moment, we have to keep pens and pencils under virtual lock-and-key because Jenna(2.5) considers herself a “wall artist”. She would also love to get her hands on a stack of post-its. Sigh…

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