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Simple Secrets to a Happy Life, by Luci Swindoll

I really enjoyed reading Luci Swindoll’s Simple Secrets to a Happy Life. There is nothing in the book that is especially profound, but Swindoll’s writing is so positive and upbeat that I felt like I got a shot in the arm of optimism after each chapter.

This is saying a lot because I finished the last few chapters sitting on the couch next to my two-year-old who had spent the morning throwing up on me and various surface areas of our house and car. I feel like I can hear Swindoll whispering in my ear, “So what? You’ve got health insurance, you’ve got cable, you’ve got a working washing machine, and you’ve got time to spend with your daughter keeping her company until she feels better.  Look for the rainbows instead of the clouds.”

In addition to being up-beat, this book is very life-situation-neutral. It doesn’t zone in on any one gender, age, or family circumstance. It could serve as a great hostess present or graduation gift for somebody you didn’t know very well, with the caveat that Swindoll is writing primarily for a Christian audience. I’m going to drop my copy in the mail as a surprise for my dad’s cousin Barbara Jo. I think this book will make her smile too.

P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksneeze in exchange for my honest review.

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