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Find Your Neighborhood School

I am late to go volunteer at Bruce’s school!  The insane needlepoing project continues…  So today, I’ll leave you with a freshened up version of an earlier post, which is very near and dear to my heart as both a teacher and parent.

“What school is my house zoned for?”  As a former teacher, I think that should be the most important question you ask before you buy or rent a house.  It always amazes me how many parents I meet in “Mommy and Me” groups who are clueless about what school their house is zoned for.  I always politely nod and mumble, “Oh, you still have a while to figure that out yet,” but inwardly I’m shocked.

One of the main reasons my husband and I chose to raise our children in our town was because of the stellar reputation of our local school district.  We would rather rent a shack next to the best school, in the best school district possible, than own a mansion in a crummy district.  How could you prioritize a walk-in-closet over the quality of your child’s education?

All students in our local school district benefit from being shepherded by honest administrators, school board members who conduct themselves with dignity, and citizens who again and again show their support for our children by voting “Yes!” on school levies.  But not all of the schools within our district are performing at equivalent levels of excellence.

My experience teaching has taught me that the economic hardships a family faces can have a direct impact on a child’s ability to learn.  If you look our state’s educational report website, then you will see that the number of children qualifying for free or reduced breakfast and lunch in our district has jumped from 27% in 2005-2006, to 35.1% in 2010-2011. Every school in our district includes families who are on hard times.

I think it behooves everyone; homeschoolers, moms of toddlers, grandmas, grandpas, and fabulous aunties,  to take a look at your local school district’s school locator map.   Find out what school your house is zoned for, find out the issues that school is facing, and if you have the inclination, find a way that you can help.  The answer could be as simple as purchasing your next birthday present from your neighborhood school’s book fair.

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