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Putting Preschoolers to “Work”

My husband is home sick, so last night I got to take Jenna(32m) to “Daddy Preschool”, a play-based Daddy and Me class that our local community college sponsors.  One of Jenna’s favorite things to do at Daddy Preschool is work at the pretend office. So today, I set one up in our living room.

I really should have made Jenna an office a long time ago, because my friend Katie at ModCloth also gave me this idea last October. Katie said that it was really important for her daughter to view mommy “going to the office” as a positive experience. I think that’s important for daughters of working moms like Katie, and almost doubly important for daughters of stay-at-home-mom’s like me. I want Jenna to know that she can do anything she wants someday!

On a funny side note, Jenna is really obsessed with my husband’s boss’s boss Tom for some reason, even though she has never met him. She often draws pictures for Tom which she is assuming that my husband delivers. So today when Jenna was playing in her office we pretended that Tom was sending her important messages and work to do.

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