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Grandma Buy This!


Every birthday and Christmas my mother-in-law and mom graciously ask me what they should get my kids for gifts.  Inwardly, I’m usually thinking “Please not another light saber or stuffed animal!”  But the items that would actually be most helpful for the grandmas to fund, are a lot harder to describe without sounding like an educational freak-show.

So make me sound like the crazy one, and send this page to your own mother or mother-in-law this Christmas.

(Full disclaimer: These are all Affiliate links from Amazon which support the work I do on this blog.  Thanks for helping me out!)

Click on the shopping cart…

…Or shop by age.



1st Birthday

2nd Birthday

3rd Birthday



4th Birthday




5th Birthday




6th Birthday



7th Birthday


8th Birthday


Another idea for Grandma and Grandpa… Build your grandchildren a dream library!

Famous Women:

American Presidents:


Famous Artists, Musicians and Performers:


  1. Fairy Tale Mama says:

    I just finally passed on all my Leapfrog fridge magnet contraptions to a friend for her daughter. They were awesome! I would add to your Story of the World suggestions the associated activity books. I think the books are so much better and more memorable when you’re doing the crafts at the same time. I can’t wait to pick up where we left off with the Ancients this summer!

  2. jengod says:

    I love this post and very well might send it to the grandparents!

  3. MissMOE says:

    Good idea! Amazon and most other websites have wish lists—these are awesome for gift suggestions!

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