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Early Literacy on the Cheap

Even if your kids don’t have a Grandma who likes to shop, you can still give your kids a great head-start on learning an stay on budget.  If you have paper, markers, tape, and a library card, you can put some of my favorite ideas into action and start teaching your little ones how to read.   I start teaching my kids at about 18 months using the fun, interactive methods I share on my Where to Start page.  Most of these ideas don’t take any money to implement; just creativity and love.

If you have paper and markers:

If you have paper, markers, tape, and some random things from your house:

If you have a library card:

If you have a limited amount of money to spend buy:

P.S. I aso have ideas for Cheap Math.


  1. Nicol says:

    There really are some great things on the market and even better homemade products. I’m in the opinion that if education really is that important to you as a parent, you will do all that you can to make it a priority. Even if all you have is a PBS station you can sit with your child and watch the educational shows together and talk about things. It certainly beats doing nothing. I’m purchasing All About Spelling and looking forward to it. I think we’re to that point with my 4 yr old.

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