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Teaching My Baby to Video

This weekend my husband and I made our first attempt at teaching our kids Bruce(6.5) and Jenna(2.5) how to make their own movies. With Jenna, the focus was on the basics of storytelling; including a beginning, middle, and end in her movie. With Bruce, we worked on scene set-up (i.e. keeping your hand out of the shot), and basic film editing skills on Windows Movie Maker. This ended up being a fun way to spend a Saturday night!

Jenna’s First Movie:

Bruce’s First Movie:

We did originally have music running over the credits, but I wasn’t sure about copyright infringement, so I took it off. Any tips on this?


  1. Kristen says:

    HAHAHHA!! Adorable!! I love Jenna’s confident answer of “I will make the dragon nice.”
    And Bruce’s movie made me smile. His enthusiasm was completely evident. Not to mention, in true 6 year old fashion, he was able to sneak the word “poop” in there within the first 15 seconds of the movie! Classic!
    Thanks for much for sharing!

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