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Starting All About Spelling

Jenna is 32 months right now, and we are officially starting All About Spelling Level 1. I think the ideal time to begin AAS would be between 3.5 and 4 years old, but our situation is a little bit different. Since Jenna already knows her letters and sounds, and since we already own all of the Level 1 AAS materials, I figured that we might as well start now.

Right now we are going through all of the yellow Phonogram cards and I am quizzing Jenna to officially note which letters and sounds she can correctly identify. We only do four cards a day, and then we put a sticker up on the chart to celebrate each sound that is checked off. At most, we are spending about five minutes a day on AAS, which seems like a perfectly acceptable amount of time for a two and a half year old to concentrate. Level 1, step 1 might end up taking one or two months, but that’s okay. Jenna is so excited to “do spelling” just like her big brother Bruce, that this is a really meaningful and fun activity for the both of us to share together.


  1. Kristen says:

    How exciting for Jenna!

  2. Nicol says:

    That really is exciting. I really should start my 4 nearly 5 year old on it. 🙂

  3. aly in va says:

    I say go for it! Since I teach exceptional education & gifted, I have tons of access to resources and am currently using the Wilson Reading program with my middle daughter. I should note she also attends a Montessori school so she’s getting a double dose at 3 but she eats it up. Good luck!
    I only wish that since we do cursive first, I could find early phonics materials in a cursive script, any ideas?


  4. Jennifer N. says:

    I know this is an old post but for anyone reading this post late like me, Foundations by Logic of English offers two versions of their curriculum for early reading instruction. One is in manuscript and one is in cursive. LOE advocates teaching cursive first but I teach manuscript since that is what my children’s school teaches first.

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