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Funny Costa Concordia Video

I am still in San Diego visiting my grandma, cousins, and old childhood memories. Last night we watched four hours of gripping family movies my grandpa took in the early 1980’s which included my aunt changing a light bulb, my dad watching a football game on TV, our family eating lunch, and my fourth birthday party in its entirety.

The funniest shots were when my grandpa would film what the contents of our houses looked like when I was little, including the stereo systems in all of their behemouth glory. Grandpa would have loved to get his hands on my cousin Steven’s high-tech equipment, and would be so proud that his grandson actually became a professional videographer.

Here’s a funny little clip that Steven put together just for fun. I can’t wait to go home and show it to Bruce(6.5) because I think it might inspire him to put his own stories to life too.   This summer I want to teach Bruce about technology by helping him craft his own little video from start to finish, and then upload it on YoutTube and my blog. It will teach creative writing, story organization, and technology all in one activity.   Video equipment is so affordable nowadays that I can just hand over an old IPod to my son and he can start filming at a picture quality my grandpa could only dream of.

I’m also issuing an invitation to my Teaching My Baby To Read audience.  If your children or teenagers create their own mini-movies on YouTube, please let me know and I can share the link for you.  I’m going to be crafting a complete STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) page in the future, and that would be a great place to share.

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