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Leaps in Learning

Exciting things are going on in Jenna’s brain right now, I just know it.  We are definitely nearing the end, of what I call “The Middle”, in my Where To Start Page for teaching young children to read.

Jenna is 32 months old, and I can see the jumps in learning she is making right before my eyes.  It started last week with her spelling the word M-O-M.  Then yesterday she asked to get out the tunnels and build the Letter Factory in our living room.  She laid out all of the letters from the Word Whammer out on the coffee table and pretended to build words. 

Jenna has also been dragging out the old school Leap Pad we have from Bruce.  I think the real name for it is “The Leap Frog Easy Reader Phonics Kit”.  Jenna is showing me that she understands word-to-word correspondence because she can touch each word one at a time to make the book talk.  When she was younger, she would have just wildly started coloring on the page.

I don’t know if this happens with your children, but with both of mine it seems like when they make giant developmental leaps it coincides with a change in or a disturbance to sleep patterns.  Can I insert an exasperated sight here?  Argh!  Jenna is hardly taking any naps at all anymore, and she only seems to need about ten hours of sleep a day.  The cozy days of my little girl napping in my arms while I blog away one handed, are long gone. 

Blink and you’ll miss it.  Toddlers turn into Preschoolers really quickly.

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