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SAT Words for 2 Year Olds

As luck would have it, there has been an especially nice run of words on my tear-off daily calendar this week. A lot of the words are appropriate to teach to Jenna(2.5). If I want my daughter to someday have a vaunted vocabulary, then I need to be mindful of working new words into our ordinary conversation, every day.

Yesterday’s word was scour. That’s a really easy word to use with Jenna when we are playing with our toy kitchen. We really need to scour that sink out!

In a few days, the word will be inkling. I can use that word while Jenna is engaged in one of her new favorite activities, doing a simple magic trick from Bruce’s Magic Box.

Here’s the red fluffy ball.

Jenna puts it in the box.

She closes the box and makes the red fluffy ball disappear. I have no inkling how she does it! 😉

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