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A Fresh Idea for School Fundraisers

If you are a public school parent like me then you are probably sick of auctions, walk-a-thons, and wrapping paper sale fundraisers.  But last night my husband and I got to go to a school fundraiser that was actually a lot of fun.  Our school’s PTA organized a Comedy Night for our whole city. 

Comedy Night featured three local comedians of varying degrees of celebrity, and a fourth comedian from California.  Each comedian was sponsored by a local company.  They also got sponsorship for the VIP reception beforehand which had wine and food.  Since let’s face it, not many people want to go to another school auction, let alone an auction that isn’t even for your kid’s school, the PTA marketed Comedy Night to surrounding communities, without highlighting that it was a school fundraiser at all.   This marketing strategy worked, and all 750 tickets were sold-out!

I’m not sure how much money was raised, but in “fun-factor” terms, my husband and I laughed so hard that our face muscles hurt.  The lady sitting next to me was even crying.  We will definitely be attending Comedy Night next year, and bringing some friends with us.

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