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Cookie Sheets and the Word Whammer

If wandering Leap Frog magnets are a problem in your kitchen, check out this idea I stole from the mommy-pundit over at Teaching Stars.  You can use an old magnetic cookie sheet to organize and store the pieces, so they are all ready for the next time you play.  This is an excellent help in our family, because our magnets didn’t stick to our stainless steel refrigerator, and I had been keeping them in a bag. 

Now that Jenna is getting ready for the “Word Hunt” setting on her Word Whammer, it is really helpful to have the letters sorted by color.  Sometimes the Word Whammer prompts her to look for a letter that is a certain color, so this will be a definite channel factor towards success.  I could also try putting them in ABC order if that ends up being more helpful.  Very cool!


  1. Kristen says:

    And just to further feed our Leap Frog addiction, did you see there is a new DVD out? Scout and Friends in Numberland.

  2. Kristen says:

    There a few LeapFrog math videos available on Netflix’s instant streaming. A space one, a pirate one and hopefully this new Numberland one will appear.
    I like them- they do try and show how numbers represent a quantity- along with the catchy number songs which do promote memorization. My dds learned quickly how to skip count by 2’s,5’s, and 10’s with the Leap Frog songs. The songs come in handy

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