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SAT Word A Day Blog

It is now 30 days into my Teaching My Baby to Read SAT challenge, and I figured it was time for an update. Bruce(6.5) is really excited about learning new words, and is exerting his will to keep me on track.  If I forget to use the Magic Word of the day, you better believe I hear about it from my son!  Jenna (2.5) on the other hand, really doesn’t know anything different is going on.  Her participation at this point is just hearing the rest of us incorporate the words into our everyday language.

Some words are easier to work with than others.  If you have the calendar and are following along on my blog, you might have noticed that sometimes I jump ahead and use a word a few days out, because it better meets the needs of that day’s post.  Other words, are too tricky to incorporate into my blog at all.  Today’s word for example is habeas corpus.  That’s a tough word to work with!

I have made a concerted effort to teach ten-dollar words to my kids before, but having the daily calendar is making things easier.  I consider it $7 well spent, and intend to keep this up all the way until Jenna takes the SAT someday.

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