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Make Your Own Talking Words Factory

Calling Professor Quigley to the factory floor. Mr. Webster is on his way!

Today Jenna(2.5) said to me “I can’t go to the Talking Words Factory tonight because I’m going to Daddy Preschool”. It was a spontaneous bit of imagining on her part, but gave me the idea of actually building a pretend Taking Words Factory ala Leap Frog. So we set up the tunnels, got out every single letter toy we own (I’m very acquisitive of phonics products), and I blew up some copies of the DVD pictures on our printer. Voila!

Here’s our Talking Words Factory with the Word Whammer ready to go.

Here’s our Letter Factory complete with ABC cards and blocks.

We had fun crawling around our forts, sounding out letters, and attempting to blend words. I say attempting, because even though Jenna has known all of her letters and sounds for quite some time, she is still not quite ready for sounding out C-V-C words yet. But this was a really fun way to practice.

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  1. Kristen says:

    What fun!!! I bet my 3 yr old would love this idea.

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