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Kindle Fire vs. IPod Touch

Jenna(32m) and I just got back from her big brother Bruce’s Student of the Month assembly, and now she decided to fall asleep in my lap.  Thankfully, for the 30 minutes we were sitting on auditorium bleachers, I had back-up.  A yellow sucker that was soon covered in blond hair (yuck!), and Bruce’s Kindle Fire and headphones, which I had stashed in my purse.  Normally we have a NO DISNEY UNTIL AGE 3 policy in our household, but I had made the exception and loaded a princess movie onto the Kindle for this precise moment.

As my regular blog readers know, the Kindle was a Christmas gift to Bruce from my in-laws.  What I am finding as a mother, is that I’m stealing it all the time, without my son’s knowledge! 

I have a “Little Pim Spanish” on it right now, as well as Leap Frog’s “Phonics Farm” and Preschool Prep’s “Meet the Phonics“. The Kindle Fire is bigger than our IPod Touch (another gift from my in-laws) but far less cumbersome than a portable DVD player.  So I can just slip it in my bag and bring it out for Jenna in previously problematic situations like waiting in the doctor’s office or at Bruce’s swimming lessons.  Technically, I could have done this with the IPod Touch, but the screen is really too small for a preschooler to deal with, plus I don’t like having something that costs $400 banging around in my purse.

The big problem with the Kindle Fire is the lack of parental settings regarding the internet.  I have to make sure that our password for Wi-Fi is scrambled so Bruce can’t accidentally turn it on, and he has sworn up and down that he wouldn’t try anyway.  So that is still an issue, but not a big concern at the moment.  Hopefully future Kindle Fire generations fix that problem.

But I have to admit, this is my new “Mommy’s helper” of 2012.  If you have any ideas of other things to download, please let me know!

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