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Deliciously G-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s Chocolate Chip cookies on page 215 of her book Deliciously G-Free, are really good but they are a pain in the butt to make. They require 14 different ingredients (not counting cooking spray), and four different types of flour. I’ve made them twice now, and the first time turned out to be a disaster because my two year old daughter Jenna was helping me. But the second batch when I could really concentrate? Yum, yum! Even my husband really liked them, and he is a chocolate chip cookie purist.

Still, I like to bake with my kids all the time, and 14 different ingredients and a two year old just don’t mix well. Plus, one of the ingredients in this recipe is potato flour which is a really fine particle that floats up into the air, redounds everywhere, and coats everything in sight. Talk about messy!

In the Power Flour section of her book, Elisabeth suggests mixing up the four flours ahead of time, but that still leaves you with ten more ingredients left to measure out with significant preschool “help”. So I decided to make my own chocolate chip cookie mixes today using all of the ingredients except for the liquids; eggs, butter and vanilla, and the chocolate chips themselves. Once again, I had a lot of “help” from Jenna, so I hope the mixes turned out okay.

Half way through this twenty minute process Jenna lost interest in helping and started ripping tissues out of the Kleenex box.

As crazy as it sounds, that really was helpful because it let me finish things up, and get out the vacuum. Hopefully I’ve traded one morning of total kitchen disaster for five days of peaceful and easy chocolate chip cookie baking in the future. Now that ten of the ingredients are premeasured, I think my six year old son Bruce and Jenna could probably make these cookies by themselves, with me handling the oven part.

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