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Deliciously G Free, by Elisabeth Hasselbeck

I have tried four recipes in Deliciously G Free so far, and they have all been outstanding. My kids thought that the Mango Fandango Shake tasted just like ice cream, and I LOVED the Black Forest Shake. Last night I made up a big double batch of the Sweet and Sour Chicken (yummy), and tonight I’m making the Beef and Broccoli. The Egg Muffins were also a big hit.

Although Elisabeth doesn’t specifically annotate this, many of her recipes are both gluten and casein free. If your family was dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder and cooking for a GF/CF diet, this book would have lots of kid friendly options for you.

 Update: 1/20/12

I have now also tried the Beef and Broccoli recipe on page 121.  It was excellent, but did seem to have a typo.  I don’t think the can of black beans was supposed to be there, so I just skipped that part.  The pulled pork sandwiches on page 158 were good, and were an easy crock-pot dinner.  The chocolate chip cookie recipe on page 215 has also been a hit, but does require a lot of non-standard flours.  Luckily we live next to a natural foods co-op, and I have easy access to things like millet flour and Xanthan gum.

A final thing I’d like to point out is that on page 21 Elisabeth talks about mixing up large batches of “power flours” to make baking easier, and specifically mentions pancakes and waffles.  But then there aren’t any recipes for pancake and waffle “power flour” mixes.  Another typo?  She should get a new editor, IMO.  I’m changing my ranking on Amazon from 5 to 4.


  1. Denise robins says:

    Really disappointed with my purchase.Directions have me making a meal and putting it into a glut on free bun,well I just pop out and buy the bun!
    I cook and bake a lot,so am not intimidated by trying something new.
    Please make things complete Where does one puchase glut on free vanilla,barbecue sauce,steak rub?We have a large healthy super market in our town and have contacted a large group in LA,and still unable to locate these products,no one having knowledge of black bear flour.
    Feeling duped Athens GA

    • jenbrdsly says:

      You make a lot of good points that I should have covered in my review Denise. A lot of Elisabeth’s recipes call for weird flours and things like Xanthan gum. Luckily where I live, I have access to a natural foods co-op those caries products like that. If you are looking for a cookbook that doesn’t require any unusual ingredients, see if your library has Michael Cox’s books.

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