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Leap Frog Phonics Farm Review

I have a confession to make.  When Bruce(6.5) is at school, Jenna(2.5) and I sometimes collogue together and then fire up Bruce’s Kindle Fire without his knowledge. 

One of the videos I have downloaded on the Kindle for her to watch is “Leap Frog Phonics Farm”.  I think it is mind-numbingly boring, but Jenna likes it a lot. It covers the same topics as  “Leap Frog’s Letter Factory,” but in a less entertaining way.  The upper and lower case letters are introduced along with their corresponding sounds, and there is also a song about vowels.  It is probably good for Jenna to learn the same information in a different format.  But if you were only going to choose one video, “Letter Factory” would be a better pick. 

As soon as we started watching “Phonics Farm”, Jenna has started asking to play her Word Whammer on a daily basis.  She also dragged out Bruce’s old Leap Pad from under my bed.  This is synchronicity in action in a good way.  It also makes me really happy that we’ve held off on Disney products until she was older.  Otherwise, instead of being branded with all things Leap Frog, she could be asking me for princess paraphilia at every turn.


  1. Kristen says:

    We just watched this on Netflick streaming, and I agree- Letter Factory is the way to go. That being said, my two older girls love the puppies Scout and Violet, so they do request Phonics Farm sometimes.

    • jenbrdsly says:

      Having had to suffer through watching Phonics Farm several times now, it’s nice to have another adult to talk about it with. Thanks for sharing Kristen! I do have to admit that I like the vowel song in Phonics Farm better than Letter Factory. Jenna can sing the whole Phonics Farm version now, but the Letter Factory vowel song isn’t so appealing to her for some reason.

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