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Jenna’s Calico Critters Book

A great early reading activity for little ones that won’t cost you a king’s ransom is making homemade books. (For more information on the how and why of homemade books, please see here.) This is our most recent addition to our homemade book collection.

I’m not sure how this story line evolved into a judgmental mouse vs. bunny plot. To be honest, some days I’m more Mouse than Bunny myself!  Jenna had a lot of fun helping set up each scene.

Jenna’s Little Critter Book

Mrs. Bunny is walking to work.

Mrs. Mouse is yelling: “Don’t forget your car keys!”

Mrs. Bunny is keeping the playroom is neat and tidy.

Mrs. Mouse is yelling: “Clean up this mess!”

Mrs. Bunny is relaxing with Baby.

Mrs. Mouse is letting the kids destroy the house!

Mrs. Bunny is giving Baby a bath.

Mrs. Mouse is yelling: “Just go to bed!”

Which family does the Dog family want to visit?

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