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For the Love of Geology

When I was a little girl my mother had a pendant in her jewelry box that was made of a pink rock she had polished in her childhood rock tumbler.  I was always fascinated by this, so when I was about eight or nine, I asked for a rock tumbler for Christmas.  It was a children’s rock tumbler, and immediately broke.  I returned it for $50 worth of merchandise at Imaginarium because they were all out of rock tumblers.

This year for Christmas my parents gave Bruce(6.5) a Thumler’ Tumbler rock tumbler, which is about $80 and a lot nicer than a toy version.  The reviews I read about this particular model said that it should work just fine and not break down.  Some of the reviews also mentioned the noise, but I hadn’t really given that any thought until Bruce and I set up the tumbler and plugged it in.

WHOA THAT TUMBLER IS NOISY!!!!  We have it in the laundry room with the door closed, and it sounds as loud as both the washer and dryer going at the same time. Bruce and I tried putting the tumbler in the garage, but then you couldn’t hear the TV or have a decent conversation around the kitchen table.  So the laundry room it is. This is the new sound we will be listening to for an ENTIRE MONTH!  Actually, it might take longer than a month.  You are supposed to run the tumbler 24/7, but we are turning it off at night so we can sleep.  Thank goodness we don’t live in attached housing, because I’m sure the neighbors would complain.

My husband and I are very curious to see what our electricity bill is going to be like this month.  It’s possible that the cost of electricity will be equivalent to what we could have spent at our local rock and gem shop to buy a bag of pre polished rocks.  🙂  But Bruce is very excited about this latest experiment, and he can’t wait to add new rocks to his collection.  For the love of geology I think I can put up with the noise for one month a year.


  1. Jean says:

    My brother had a good rock tumbler and yeah, it was really loud. We kept it in the garage. But he made lots of pretty rocks, and all the women in the family got necklaces with rock pendants! I’m sure Bruce will enjoy it a lot.

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