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GF/CF Chocolate Chip Cookies, My Two Year Old, and Some Fine Motor Fun

Today Jenna(2.5) and I made some chocolate chip cookies. It started out as your ordinary cooking-with-your-two-year-old experience. There was some extra hand washing, a few near misses with the mixing bowl, and a lot of warnings not to eat butter. Bob’s Red Mill Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix only required three added ingredients: 1 egg, butter, and water. That kept things pretty easy for cooking with a little one.

But half way through I felt like the chocolate chip cookie ratio provided in the mix was pretty slim. In a failed attempt to make thumbprint cookies by adding some Enjoy Life chocolate chips, I inadvertently fell upon the best fine motor skill activity ever!

(Sorry for the ugly picture of my yucky looking baking sheet.)

I pressed thumbprint marks into each cookie, and Jenna slowly and carefully filled each center with chocolate chips. It took her about ten minutes, and about 400 calories of chocolate chip consumption, but she got a big fine motor skill work out. This activity strengthens the same muscles that will one day help her hold a pencil correctly.

So the next time you are making chocolate chip cookies with your kids, give it a try! Here’s hoping you are making nice, normal, gluten filled cookies that don’t have a weird garbanzo bean aftertaste.


  1. jengod says:

    HAAAAA. Yeah, I find that the only way to go gluten-free is to just give up anything with “flour” and pretend you live in an Asian country where there is only rice. It is NOT FUN. Sincerely yours, She with the Wheat-Eggs-Milk-Soy-Everything Allergies who sometimes eats crap anyway.

  2. Claire H. says:

    I had to laugh about the weird after-taste. It definitely is taking a bit of getting used to in our house as we’re transitioning to GFCF. The upside is that I’ve lost 5 lbs. in 2 weeks since I’ve cut way back on my carb consumption.

    The downside is that my 6 y.o., who was underweight to begin with, has also lost weight. He is refusing to drink anything but water now that he can’t have dairy milk. I’ve tried rice, almond, hemp, and coconut milks but he won’t drink any of them. Each cup of whole milk that he had been drinking was 150 kcal and 8 grams of fat so that’s a big difference in his overall intake.

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