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Afterschooling Over Christmas Break

Do I want Bruce(6.5) to have fun over Christmas break? YES! Do I want him to have time to chill-out and relax? OF COURSE! But do I also want to keep him occupied so he doesn’t tear the house apart and drive me crazy YOU BET!

I’ve taken a possibly contentious issue between the two of us; screen time, and have attempted to make it a non-issue. Everything Bruce has to do to earn screen time is already up on this board, nicely taped to the wall. With any lucky, he will be able to manage it all himself. He can have as much screen time as he wants over the next two weeks, so long as he earns it. If he completes the whole chart, I’ll make a new one.

What is not on this chart is playing outside. But that is a given in my household, and not something that I felt the need to include.

This next idea I ripped off from Bruce’s elementary school! The great thing is that I can use it for both Bruce and Jenna(2.5). The idea is to “catch” my children exhibiting one of the five PRIDE traits: politeness, responsibility, integrity, diligence, or empathy. The positive reinforcement is that they get a “hoof print” for the chart. 10 hoof prints will win a night out alone with my husband or me. (Regrettably, not a night out for me and my husband. 🙂 ) I used brown paper grocery bags to cut out the hoof prints.

Here are the charts side by side on our family room wall. With a little advanced planning, I have hopefully set us up for success this winter break. But if things get too crazy, I can always blow up the bouncy house.


  1. You’re the woman, Jen! Way to go! You’ve inspired me to get going on my break plans. My dd has 2 weeks off. My mom-in-law is in for one week so she is built in entertainment, but I have one other week to figure out. Time to get crackin’!

  2. Aly in va says:

    Yep we’ll be after schooling too this break….but TV is still very limited and play is boundless.
    Enjoy, aly.

  3. Amber says:

    Fantastic planning!

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