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Kindle Fire for Kids

For Christmas this year my in-laws have very generously purchased Bruce(6.5) a Kindle Fire. My husband and I have been staying up late loading it up with books, music and educational aps for him, and are then going to give it back to my MIL to wrap. That way it will be all ready to go Christmas morning. It’s like the classic story of mom and dad staying up to put toys together the night before Christmas, but in the digital age. 🙂

I’ve read some reviews of the Kindle Fire criticizing it for not having any parental controls. This is a big issue for sure, but one that is easy to overcome. We are simply going to turn off the Wi-Fi before we hand the Kindle over to our son. That way, he can only access the media that we have loaded for him. So for me, the lack of a parental control setting is not a big deal. I am the parent, and I am in control!!!

Amazon has a large selection of classic books for children which are free to download: Black Beauty, Alice in Wonderland, Tom Sawyer, etc. The same goes for Classical Music. There are also a number of free games such as chess, Sudoku, backgammon and more to load, as well as lots of educational games that only cost 99 cents. The one big splurge I added was the video Little Pims Spanish, which cost me $14.99. Yes, I have still got a little flicker of hope in me that Bruce will learn Spanish!

Our local library allows you to download ten children’s books for Kindle at a time, but only for 14 day periods. So when Bruce is ready for more titles, I’ll take the Kindle back, turn on the Wi-Fi, download some books that he chooses off of our library webpage, turn off the Wi-Fi, and give it back to him. Pretty cool, hunh?


  1. Krista says:

    Any thoughts on a good toddler-proof protective cover??

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