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Jenna at 29 Months

Jenna is not quite 2 and a half yet, and is definitely keeping busy.  Here are some of the learning milestones she has reached so far:

  • For the most part, she knows all of her uppercase letters and sounds.  She knows most of her lower case letters too.
  • Just in the past month, she has learned most of her colors.
  • She can count from 1-13 without correspondence, and then keep counting up to 20 with varying irregularity.
  • She can count to three with correspondence.
  • Jenna is highly verbal.  Yesterday she asked me: “Mommy can I hold your special earrings?  I’ll be extra gentle.”  She says complicated sentences like these all the time.
  • She also exhibits a burgeoning sense of humor and a big imagination.  Yesterday she told me we couldn’t go to the library because there was a tiger there eating all of the fish.  (There is an aquarium in the children’s section.)
  • Jenna is very clearly left-handed, and this can be seen when she paints, plays with play-dough, eats, or colors.
  • She also sits in a chair, uses a cup, is off the bottle/sippy cup/pacifier etc., is potty trained (for the most part), and can put some articles of clothing on including pants, socks, shoes, and sometimes dresses.

Here are some of the things Jenna is still working on:

  • A-B-A-B patterns.  We’ve played with these a lot but she still needs a lot of assistance to complete a simple pattern.
  • Puzzles.  Jenna can figure out which piece goes where, but she can’t quite fit the pieces together herself.
  • Taking naps.  (sigh!)
  • Blending sounds together, and sounding out vowel-consonant-vowel words.  She just can’t do that yet, so I don’t push it.  Every once in a while I check again to see if she’s ready.
  • Getting dressed all by herself without any help from me.
  • Wearing hair-bows.

Every child is different and learns at a different rate.  I’ve mainly written this all out for those of you who are curious about what other kids can do at this age.  Probably your own child will be able to do some things that are more advanced than Jenna at this age, and some things that are less so. 

However, it’s never a bad idea to check in once in a while with the developmental milestones children should be hitting to make sure that they do not have Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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