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Beeswax Candle Kit

Looking for a fun activity to do with your kids that can double as homemade holiday presents for relatives that they will actually use? Beeswax Candles! Our kit just arrived last week and I’m putting it aside to do this Thanksgiving vacation. We bought the same kit last year and Bruce(6) really had fun with it. This year Jenna(2) will be able to participate as well. The kit costs about $20 but has enough supplies to make candles for all the grandmas, teachers, and coaches you know. Here are the candles that Bruce made for me last year when he was five:

I like the idea of Bruce and Jenna participating in the creation of presents we give to teachers at the holidays because it gives them the chance to express their appreciation through their own labor. That being said, I usually contribute a gift card as well, from Nordstrom, Coldwater Creek, or Target. (Last year I totally flaked on Jenna’s preschool teachers, so I need to make up for it this year!) I try to be generous because I appreciate all of the hard work my children’s teachers dedicate to Bruce and Jenna’s education, and also because when I was a teacher students were very generous with me.

When I was teaching in Ravenswood, children would bring me fresh tamales, flowers from their garden, pictures, and little trinkets you could buy at Las Pulgas, the flea market in San Jose. When I was teaching in a wealthier neighborhood in California, students would give me almost $300 worth of gift cards, coffee and chocolates every Christmas. Each December, I was overwhelmed by the generosity from both communities. So now that my children have teachers of their own, I enjoy gifting them in all the ways that I was gifted myself.


  1. Cindy says:

    I have such fond memories of making candles at someone’s birthday party – was it yours?? I remember going to the candle making shop in Old Town to buy our supplies.

    Makenna loves candles and loves to smell things – and has been interested in bees/honey, etc. This sounds like a fun sensory activity and a great gift idea. Thanks! And thanks for the reminder to give her preschool teacher a gift. 🙂

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