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TimezAttack Review


Last week in a post about XtraMath I mentioned that Bruce(6) has also been playing TimezAttack recently.  The version of TimezAttack that we have was free, and I downloaded it in just a few minutes.  The free version seems just fine for us at present.

Mathematically, TimezAttack is really awesome.  It’s tied to the Common Core Standards, and helps kids increase their mental recall of multiplication facts.  Graphically, TimezAttack is pretty cool too.  It looks like a real video game and is intense without actually being violent. 

But honestly, I have really mixed feelings about TimezAttack because it “revs” Bruce up every time he plays it.  80% of the time he is manically shrieking and jumping up in his chair has he smashes trolls, the other 20% of the time he misses a few problems and almost has a melt-down right there at the desk. 

If you contrast that with XtraMath, it’s night and day.  Bruce is now on day 8 of XtraMath and is bored to tears.  But it only lasts five minutes and doesn’t cause him to freak out.

This isn’t to say that either of these programs aren’t wonderful free options for families because they are.  Like with any screen activity though, you need supervision and discretion.

Tonight, Bruce tried playing some of the games at multiplication.com, as suggested by blog reader Aly in VA.  That might be a very happy medium, so thank you Aly!  I’ll review multiplication.com soon.

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  1. Claire H. says:

    I do think that “Timez Attack” is mostly geared towards boys. My oldest DD was bored by it when she was learning her times tables. She much preferred some of the games on multiplication.com, particularly “Math Models”. A bit gender-stereotypical, but I’m okay with some girlie-girl stuff so long as she balances it with other interests.

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