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Jenna’s Pumpkin Farm Book

Our family went to Fairbank Animal Farm’s Pumpkin Patch in Edmonds this weekend. We all had a fabulous time, until of course we were not and realized that we should have left ten minutes ago! Life with a two year old never fails to excite…  After we got home from the farm we ate dinner in a pumpkin.

Here’s the homemade book we made for Jenna(27m) about our trip to the farm. For more information on the how or why of homemade books, please see Homemade Books 101.

The Pumpkin Farm

I see a goat.

I see a turkey.

I see a cow.

I see a sheep.

I see a pony.

I see pigs.

I see baby chicks.

I see baby ducklings.

I feel the bunny!

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