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All About Spelling and my Two Year Old

As reported previously, we are now in week #2 of doing quick, ten minute All About Spelling lessons with my son Bruce(6) before he leaves for school in the morning.  The necessary evil in the arrangement is that I have to plug Jenna(27m) in front of PBS kids so that she will stay out of our way.  Otherwise, she wants to do spelling too.

Today Jenna wandered into our spelling lesson and really wanted to participate, so I told that as soon as we had dropped Bruce off at school we would come home and she would be able to have a spelling lesson too.  Since she is a very agreeable two year old, she of course agreed.  On my part, it was one of those blanket statements I often make to her such as; “Yes, I’ll put on a pretty dress.  But not today, maybe tomorrow.”, or “No, we can’t go to the ice cream store today, but maybe next week.”  I really didn’t think she would remember. 

Boy was I wrong!  Forty minutes later once we had dropped her brother off at school and had returned home, I was at the sink doing dishes when I heard Jenna yell “Help!  Help!” I rushed out to the dining room only to discover her trying to pull out the AAS white board from behind the china cabinet where it is stored.  I had forgotten my promise to do a spelling lesson, but Jenna remembered and was going to keep me to my word.

If Jenna was three and a half, or maybe even three, I would consider breaking out the AAS Level 1 book and giving it a go with her.  The whole first part of Level 1 is on letter and sound recognition.  The second part of the book spells simple consonant vowel consonant words.  Jenna already knows her letters and sounds, but she doesn’t necessarily have the attention span to blend words yet.  So instead, we played around with the letter tiles, calling out sounds and joking about the “funny a”.  (The A tile is written how you would see it in a book, as opposed to writing it by hand.)  Jenna also had fun using the letter tiles to make patterns and decorations.  She played with the spelling board for over twenty minutes, long past the time when I was ready to move onto something else.

I would not advocate buying any of the AAS materials for a child who was not old enough to use them, but if you happen to already own the supplies because you have older kids in the house, then that’s pretty swell.  Jenna felt so proud for doing a spelling lesson just like her brother, and she had a lot of fun too.  I’ll be getting the board out again with her the next time she asks.  And this time, I really mean it!

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