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Two Year Old Won’t Nap!

This is an educational blog, not a parenting one of course but…man!  I hate the stage that we seem to be quickly approaching with Jenna(27m).  Nap disappearance!!!  In all fairness, Bruce(6) stopped napping at around 18 months, so I feel blessed that Jenna’s naps have lasted this long.  I have read that gifted children can sometimes need less sleep than neurotypical children, so I’m going to cling to that!  🙂

One trick I’ve tried with Jenna recently that sometimes works is to rock her in my arms while I’m at the computer, and to pop Jessie Wise’s First Language Lessons CD into the CDROM drive.  Sometimes Jenna will fall asleep to this, and sometimes she won’t.  But at least she is listening to poetry, stories and grammar songs in the meantime.  Maybe some of that will sink into her subconscious.

Incidentally, last night when I was trying to go to sleep myself I kept hearing the “Pronoun Song” in my mind.  It was very annoying, let me tell you…


  1. Cindy says:

    Interesting. Maybe I’ll just keep telling myself Makenna doesn’t sleep bc she’s gifted. She dropped her nap at about Jenna’s age. But she’s never been a sleeper.

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