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Historical Heroes, Wickedly Funny Profiles of Six Time-Honoured Megastars!

 Historical Heroes, Wickedly Funny Profiles of Six Time-Honuored Megastars!  by Mike Kelly Publishing is a really obscure (but wonderful) book that I happened to come across in a used book store.  It is so off the beaten path that it took me a while to hunt of up the Amazon link for it.  This is probably due to the book being of British publication, and intended for British audiences. Some of the humor is also very British, and a bit over Bruce’s head, but most if he thinks is hysterical. 

Bruce(6y) and I are are reading this book together at bedtime, and enjoying it quite a bit.   Each section is about 100 pages long, so this book is really an anthology of six biographies about Joan of Arc, Charles Darwin, King Tut, Napoleon, Shakespeare, and Julius Caesar.  There are lots of cartoon-like illustrations to grab Bruce’s attention, but not so many that this would qualify as a graphic novel.  Due to the nature of the book, you do not have to read the biographies in chronological order.  So far we have read the Napoleon and Charles Darwin section.

The only “hot-button” issue in this book would of course be the Charles Darwin section, which I found very well done.  It lays out the history and science behind Darwin’s classic book The Origin of the Species in a way that still leaves room for faith.  I’m including two pages from this section so you can see for yourself.  If you are okay with these two pages, then you would be very happy with this book as a resource to use to explain Evolution.

Update 11/20/11:  I should add that after reading all of the book, there is a certain section in the Joan of Arc section you should know about, when the ladies of the court check to see if Joan was “a maid” or not.  I just skipped over this part since I was reading the book out loud.

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