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Does my two year old have Autism?

(I chose this picture of a stack of train tracks that Jenna(26m) built yesterday. Jenna does not have Autism Spectrum Disorder, she just comes from a long line of engineers! 🙂 But sometimes, unusual toy play such as lining up toys, using them inappropriately, or lack of imaginary play can be indicators that a child might not be developing normally.)

Is my two year old normal? That is certainly a question most parents ask themselves at one time or another. I’m not talking about; is my child extra smart?, or is my child eating enough?, but the very basic, core wish of every parent out there, is my child okay? In our family, this has always been an extra sensitive question because we have strong family history of Autism. That was one of the primary reasons we spaced our children four years apart, to make sure Bruce was “in the clear” so to say, before we had Jenna.

As it turns out, Autism is not something we have to worry about for either of our children. Before we breathed this gigantic sigh of relief however, I practically memorized the First Signs.org website for appropriate developmental milestones, as well as their red flags page. If you have young children, I highly recommend taking a look at this important information. With Autism, early intervention is critical.

In addition to our family history of Autism, I had experience doing ABA therapy with two little boys in college, as well teaching children with Asperger’s syndrome who were mainstreamed in my classroom. So if you would ever like to pick my brain on Autism related issues, please feel to contact me  by email and I’ll see if I can be any help.

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