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Yoga Pretzels Review

 I’ve been meaning to blog about our “Yoga Pretzels” deck for a while now.  I bought this for Bruce when he was two hoping that Yoga would help him calm down.  That didn’t exactly work out according to plan, but both Bruce and Jenna have loved these cards as a fun activity to do.  I’m not sharing identifying pictures of my kids anymore, but boy do I have some cute ones of them doing “Double Dog” and “Lizard on a Rock” together!

The cards are all color coded so that if you were really serious about it you could organize a Yoga session into the proper order of  strength, balance postures, stretches, relaxation exercises etc.  That has never worked out in our household at all however. 

Generally what happens for us right now is that Jenna(26m) sees the cards on the shelf and thinks: Gee, I want to do Yoga!  Then she dumps all of the cards out onto the floor.  Jenna then picks the first three cards she spots and does the poses.  Five minutes later, the cards are still lying on the living room floor and my daughter is off to the next activity.  Of course, if my husband or I are there with her she will do card after card for almost twenty minutes.  Sometimes she will even help put the cards away!  This in itself takes about five minutes, with her “helping”.

I’d say this deck would work for kids ages 2-8.  So if you are starting to think about future Christmas or Hanukah presents for your kids, this would be a good pick.  There is also a book that goes with it called My Daddy is a Pretzel.  We enjoyed checking it out from our local library. I don’t think it is as useful as the cards though.

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