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Jenna(26m) is really getting in to “helping” write the Morning Message these days.  We wrote this out together before taking off for our first Kindermusik class.  I’m going to give it a month or so, and then write a full review of what I think of ABC Music and Me.  (Just to be clear, I have no affiliation with Kindermusik whatsoever.)

Jenna really loves music, my mom’s family is gifted musically, and I had heard such great things about Kindermusik that I decided to sign us up for the fall session even though it is so expensive.  After just one class I think it is enjoyable for parents, fun for kids, but outrageously over-priced.  But we haven’t received our supplies yet.  Maybe they will substantial enough to change my mind about the cost?   

If you have your own Kindermusik experience to report on, feel free to comment!


  1. Claire H. says:

    I’ve always felt that way about Kindermusik and Music Together and the other parent/toddler music classes. For the price of each individual class I could buy a music CD and do similar activities at home.

    I save our enrichment budget for things that aren’t so easily replicated at home.

    • jenbrdsly says:

      I agree. Since we only plan on having two kids, part of this was me thinking “This is my last chance to see what Kindermusik is all about!” 🙂

  2. Jean says:

    I haven’t done Kindermusik, but we do Musikgarten, which is similar-but-different (like Catholics and Episcopalians maybe? :D). I didn’t do the classes for tiny tots–for one thing, I didn’t hear about it until my oldest was starting K. Both of my girls have done Musikgarten from K on; my oldest graduated last year from Keyboard IV, and my younger one has two years to go. I love it. It has provided them with a solid musical foundation that I certainly could not have taught, and they’ve enjoyed the group classes (which are cheaper than individual piano lessons!).

    So I’m all for Musikgarten–but as I said, we didn’t do the baby classes.

    • jenbrdsly says:

      Hmmm… I’ve never heard of Musikgarten. I wonder if they have classes in our area. I’m still thinking that $18 for a 45 minute Kindermuisk class is way too much, but I have to admit that Jenna has been talking about music class non-stop. I would probably like it more if there were more moms in the class I could be friends with. So far there is a just a nanny and a weird dad.

      • Jean says:

        If you go to the Musikgarten webpage, they have a ‘find a teacher’ function.

      • Claire H. says:

        In our area, the classes run $271 per child for a 12 week session, or $22.60 per class. I went to a sample class and did not think what was done was worth $30/hr. Especially since, as mentioned by Jen, it was mostly nannies accompanying the other children.

      • jenbrdsly says:

        Wow! That’s making $18 a class seem a bit cheaper. 🙂

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