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All About Spelling Level 2

Bruce (6) finished All About Spelling Level 1 about a month ago, and since then we have been working through AAS Level 2. It continues to be a fabulous program, and (sadly) I am learning a lot too!

Here’s a peak at what the box looks like with the new AAS Level 2 cards inside. There are enough new cards that I was able to toss two of the blue Styrofoam spacers.

Here’s the accompanying progress chart. As you can see, Bruce is not very interested in stickers. He’s really taking the AAS Level 2 “Wild West” theme to heart, and drawing cowboy stick-figure vignettes over each step he completes.

Here are some of the other materials that come with Level 2. The jail is going to be introduced in an upcoming lesson, and is going to be where we put words that do not follow the rules. I’ve heard these referred to as Outlaw words before.

The spelling board is one of the really magical parts of this program, as far as I’m concerned. It allows children to learn how to spell in a kinesthetic way, without their handwriting holding them back. This doesn’t mean that writing out the words with pencil and paper isn’t part of AAS Level 2, because dictation is also a component of the program.

Here is Bruce’s work from Step #1. All of the Classical Education Homeschooling families reading this post are probably cringing right now, after seeing my son’s handwriting! As an Afterschooling family, I have not chosen to work on handwriting with Bruce at all, because it is a battle-ground area with us. He is supposed to be starting a formal handwriting program in his public school’s first grade.

By Step 4 you can see a little bit of improvement, at least in writing things on the lines. I am at least insisting on that.

What I am really noticing about AAS Level 2 is that each step is taking us longer to complete than Level 1. Bruce use to be able to finish off a Level 1 step in 15 minutes. With Level 2, each step is taking two to three 15 minute sessions. His progress is slower, but he is learning a lot. Bruce enjoys spelling, and regularly asks to do an AAS spelling lesson. Of course, I reward him with a bit of computer time afterward! All in all, I continue to be really impressed with this program, which is why (full disclaimer!) I signed up to be an Affiliate with the company.

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