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Right Start Level D Without the Teacher’s Guide?

A while back I posted about how my son Bruce (6) has been working through the Right Start Level D workbook this summer, sans scripted lessons in the Teacher’s Guide. I wouldn’t recommend this for everyone, but we have all of the materials and the geometry booklet, plus I’ve had a ton of training in Constructivism, since I use to be a teacher. In the future, I won’t attempt flying solo for Level E because I have never taught higher than fourth grade!

Summer is nearing completion and Bruce has completed 35 pages. That’s not as far as I hoped, but isn’t bad if you look at a one page a day M-F average. We’ve jumped around a lot, and now he is doing the geometry section. Are we doing this right? Hmmm… That’s a very good question. Bruce is definitely learning a lot, but I’m not sure I’m teaching this exactly how Joan Cotter would like. Please feel free to tell me what you think (or give me a geometry slap-down as the case might be). 🙂

Here’s how I’ve been teaching segmenting circles and drawing octagons etc. These next pictures are with my own handwriting:

That was all using the 45 degree triangle. I’m thinking maybe I should write the angles on the triangles with a Sharpie. Why didn’t I do that before? With older kids you could probably be more heavy handed about angles, and go through and label them all, match up the congruent ones etc. If you have a compass, and triangles you can do all of these activities at home. Of course, the caveat is that I might be teaching you the wrong way to do this!

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