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Oysters and Math


This past weekend we visited my husband’s aunt and uncle who live right on an oyster beach. Bruce had a great time finding and collecting oysters for his cousin Justin to open.

All of the cousins gathered around to watch Justin open up the oysters with a knife.

These were the best oysters I’ve ever had in my entire life! They were so fresh and creamy tasting. Bruce tried one too, but he immediately spit it out.

Later that night we did some math with oysters. I told Bruce that in a restaurant and oyster would cost $3. I ate five oysters on the beach. How much money would that have cost in a restaurant? I also asked Bruce how many oysters he could find in an hour. He thought he could find 20 in one hour. So how much money would he make per hour as an oyster collector? This was a simple way to turn the day’s activity into a teachable moment.

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