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Fishing For Math

We had a great learning opportunity this weekend on our vacation up north to visit my parents on the island they live on. My dad took Bruce, my sister and I out on his boat, and taught us how to catch crab.

The first crab pot we pulled up only had one crab in it. It was a female, which you need to throw back anyway, plus it was too small.

The next pot had over fifteen crabs in it. We were only allowed to keep five male crabs, so most of them were thrown back (alive).

Here’s my dad with the “crab ruler” measuring the crab to make sure it was big enough to keep.

Here’s breakfast the next morning…Dungeness crab eggs benedict, and fresh local fruit!

There was a surprising amount of math thrown into this adventure as well. For example: “A fishing license costs about $45 for the season. Grandpa can only catch five crabs per day per license. If Grandpa goes out fishing every day for ten days and catches five crabs each time, how much money does each crab end up costing?” We did a lot of these types of problems on the boat ride home.

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