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The Well Trained Mind: Thoughts from Chapter 10

This is a series of posts I am writing about The Well Trained Mind, by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise. Although the WTM has a decidedly homeschooling bent, it is an excellent reference book for any parent who is interested in taking an active role in their child’s education.

Over the next few weeks I am reading the WTM again for the second time, and blogging about my thoughts chapter by chapter. I want to be conscientious about not violating any copyrights, so I will not be including quotes from the book on my blog. I will however, be referencing specific page numbers from the third edition. I invite you to read along with me, and chime in your own thoughts in the comment section below.

Chapter 10

p 200: The author’s guidelines for when to use TV seem really reasonable to me, and are in accordance with our own family’s philosophy. I understand that some people ban the TV entirely from the house, but we have found that if you are choosey about what your kids watch, then television can be a wonderful learning medium if used appropriately and in moderation.

p 201: I agree with the author in lumping computer time in with TV time. We call this “screen time” in our house. For my son (6) two pages of math, or one page of math and 15 minutes of spelling = 30 minutes of screen time. This is pretty much a racket on my part, because almost all of his screen time is educational! We don’t own a DS or any sort of gaming system.


  1. Jean says:

    Guess we don’t have much to argue about in this chapter–I doubt you’ll find many people to claim that lots of TV is great… 😉

    • jenbrdsly says:

      Oh man! Arguing is the fun part. Maybe I should put up the next chapter, which is on religion. 🙂

      • Jean says:

        That oughta get things going!

      • jenbrdsly says:

        It sounds like the beginning of a joke. “A Methodist, a Mormon, and a Catholic are in a book club….”

      • Claire H. says:

        Except that TWTM deliberately sidesteps the whole issue of religion. There’s what- 3 pages? And is anyone really going to argue with the notion that kids should learn the basic tenets of all the world’s major faiths?

  2. Claire H. says:

    I do think the Wii is better than most of the other video game systems because of the physical activity component. During the rainy season, some days it’s just too yucky to go outside to exercise for very long. The Wii Sports, Wii Fit, EA Active, Dance Dance Revolution, etc. are ways for my kids to burn off some of their excess energy that are less risky/destructive than running through the house and jumping off furniture 🙂

    We don’t have cable/satellite and don’t get any broadcast reception, so I don’t feel bad about letting my kids play active games on the Wii.

  3. Cheryl Morris says:

    It has been so HOT here lately that the kids can’t stay outside for more than 10 minutes at a time. We have had a lot more “screen time” than I like and it shows in their attitudes about games and tv. I am ready to start school tomorrow!

    We play Wii sports and Wii fit more than the other games. We also have Word Jong (MaJong, but he has to spell words with the tiles) and he loves Webkins, especially the math and spelling games. His favorite DS game is “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?” So I don’t feel like ALL of our “screen time” is a total waste. 🙂

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