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Bean Activity


 Here is a classic preschool/Kindergarten activity that teaches letter recognition, sound, and also works on the fine motor skills necessary for writing.  The idea is to first trace the letter with glue, and then let your child glue the beans to the letter.  All the while you say:  “Wow!  The B says ‘buh’. Beans start with ‘buh’ too.  We are building with beans.  Buh-  buh-  buh.  You are building the letter B.”  I’m showing beans in this example because Jenna was working with the letter “B”.  You could also use feathers for the letter “F”, raisins for the letter “R”, walnuts for the letter “W” etc.  I would highly recommend doing this activity outside.

Usually I have only seen this activity done with younger children, but today I had Bruce join in and make the number 4.  This is one of the numbers that he commonly reverses.  I don’t know if this will help sear the right direction into his brain or not, but I figured it couldn’t hurt.  Plus, the pincher grasp needed to pick up beans is good fine motor work.  Since Bruce is six, I also had him do his own glue squeezing which also gives those fine motor muscles a workout!

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