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Garden update, end of July


This seems like a cruel post to write being that so much of the country is suffering through heat wave and drought, but it is is the exact opposite where we live.  I’ve only watered my vegetable garden three times this summer because it has been so cold and rainy. 

Sadly, there is probably no chance at all we are going to get tomatoes this year, even though our vines our huge.  Normally I am a strict organic farmer, but I have even resorted to spraying the tomatoe blossoms with fruit setting spray to no avail.  It’s just too cold for the plants to fruit.

We are getting peas at least, which both Bruce and Jenna love to eat right off the vine.

Our rasberries are also just starting, which are also a family favorite.    I like to share pictures of my garden because I think that teaching kids where food comes from, and giving them the experience of being able to eat things straight out of the yard is an education in itself.  This is a lesson I learned from my mother-in-law and sister-inlaw.

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