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CVC Flip Books

Jenna is 24 months now, and knows all of her sounds. She doesn’t just say her sounds, she says them “Leap Frog Style”. If you ask her what sound the letter A makes for example, she screams “AHHHH” just like in the “Letter Factory Video”. She is more confident with upper case letters than lower at this point, so we are still playing a lot with her Word Whammer.

From a learning point of view, Jenna is in the crucial stage between knowing her sounds and being able to make the cognitive jump and start sounding out consonant vowel consonant (CVC) words. It is likely that this will not happen for a while. Bruce was two and a half before he could do this. But that doesn’t mean that I can start introducing the concept to Jenna now, in fun ways a little bit each week.

Today I made a few CVC flip books that correspond with some of the words introduced in the “Talking Words Factory”. Here’s what they look like up close:

Flip books are wonderful FREE things that parents can make at home to help support emergent readers. I made flip books for students all the way up to third grade. They can become increasingly more complex as you go along, and are a great way to practice phonics and sounding out words. If you are working with a really young learner like Jenna, make sure to write everything in lower case letters except for B/D/P/and Q. Those letters are really confusing in lower case form.

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